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COMA AND CONVULSIONS – Adults and pediatrics

Coma may be a state of unarguable quality. Coma will be caused by:

1. Inadequate gas provide from impaired cerebral blood flow or metastasis failure
2. Infections
. Sophisticated infectious disease
. Inflammation
. Cerebral protozoa infection
3. Metabolic disorders
. hypoglycemia
. Hyperglycemia
. Azotemia (renal failure)
. Exaggerated ammonia (liver failure)
4. Poisoning with opiates and different medication
5. Head injury
6. Snake bite
Emergency Care of the patient in Coma
1. Flip the patient on his aspect (coma or recovery position) see figure
2. Clear the airway by:
. Gently lifting the patient’s jaw forward. the pinnacle may additionally be tripped backwards slightly providing there aren’t any sign or history of severe neck injury.
. Place a Guide tubing
. Place a Guide tubing
. Use suction to get rid of secretions like spit or vomit. Wherever suction isn’t accessible, wipe the mouth out employing a damp artefact.
3. Offer gas if the patient is cyanosed.
4. Discovered associate blood vessel infusion and provides IV fluids if the patient is in shock
5. Insert a nasogastric tube and aspirate (sick out) the abdomen contents. Leave the tube in situ on free drain.
6. Insert urinary tube.
7. Check glucose and treat hypoglycemia if gift.
8. Build a blood film for protozoa infection parasites if the patient resides in, or has recently cosmopolitan to an epidemic space.
9. Assure sensible medical aid
. Place eye ointment to stop tissue layer ulcers
. Daily mouth care
10. Monitor and record the temperature, pulse, pressure level and rate of respiration a minimum of each a pair of hours.
11. Assess the patient employing a coma scale- then evaluate at regular intervals.
12. just in case of prolonged coma, modification frequently patient position to stop bed sores.
. Daily review (especially pressure areas)
. Guarantee strict hygiene on every occasion patient passes stools or excretory product
. Stop skin waterlessness by mistreatment philosopher’s wool ointment.
. Avoid traumatic skin massage
. Guarantee applicable feeding (caloric intake)
. Early and regular mobilization (physiotherapy)

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