Febrile Convulsions (Children six months to five years)

(Very rare with adult)

– febrile convulsions square measure common in youngsters six months to five years.
– The convulsion is sometimes short and generalized. The kid might sleep following the convulsion,
however are going to be arousal and there aren’t any localized medical specialty signs.
Note: Strict definition of febrile convulsion:
. No encephalopathy in past history
. No designation of cerebral protozoa infection
– Control the child’s temperature with Paracetamol and cold sponging.
– Reassure the fogeys.
– Occasionally body part Valium zero.5 mg/kg is needed.
– Look for the reason behind the fever: systematic clinic analysis. Treat the underlying infection. Perpetually rule out designation of protozoa infection, infectious disease
– Note that febrile convulsions generally recur up to the age of five years.
– Recurrent febrile convulsions in children: prophylactic use of Purple Heart is polemic ought to and will} be dangerous: It should lean till the kid is five years (follow-up is difficult), then bit by bit diminished, and stopped (treatment interruption might cause severe aspect effects).
– Explain mother:
How to stop physiological condition with Paracetamol and warm sponging.
How to use body part Valium reception just in case of convulsion and attention management (clear airways and also the recovery position).
Convulsions as a result of infectious causes
Treat the cause
– Severe protozoa infection
– Meningitis
– Encephalitis
Prevention of recurrent convulsions throughout and acute infection (e.g. cerebral malaria)
– To stop more convulsions provide purple heart oral (by nasogastric tube) or IM. provide 3-5 mg/kg/day in one or a pair of doses, up to a most dose of two hundred mg/day for adult. (Note that injectable purple heart needs a glass syringe).
Convulsions as a result of metabolic causes
Convulsions as a result of symptom might occur in deficiency disease, protozoa infection and alternative severe infections, or once significant alcoholic binge. If potential, ensure the designation by victimization Dextrostix.
Treat with:
Adults: five hundredth grape sugar fifty cubic centimeter by IV followed by associate infusion of grape sugar 100%
youngsters five hundredth grape sugar one ml/kg IV followed by associate infusion of grape sugar 100%
Convulsions as a result of symptom might occur in deficiency disease, rachitic and through the infant
period. It will happens conjointly once intromission (secondary to change state – metal interaction)
Treat with:
Adult: one g by slow IV
Children: zero.4 ml/kg by slow IV Injection
Convulsions as a result of Intoxication or Poisoning
provide Valium ten mg by sloe IV injection, followed by associate infusion of Valium forty mg in five hundred cubic centimeter grape sugar five-hitter over twenty four hours. Treat hypertension: Apresoline by IV injection or introduction. Provide IV infusion of eighty mg hydralazine in five hundred cubic centimeter Saline zero.9% or Ringers give, at a rate of thirty drops per minute till the pressure level returns to traditional. Bit by bit cut back the introduction rate, in keeping with the pressure level. (Alternatively, use atomic number 12 sulfate / see medical specialty guideline)

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