Accidental or intentional or poisoning with medication or chemicals (insecticides, methanol…) is kind of common. If you’ve got a patient wherever there’s a history or a suspicion of accidental or intentional poisoning, arrange to verify.

. What substance was taken
. What proportion was taken
. Once it had been taken
Always suspect intoxication or poisoning just in case of unexplained clinical condition (neurological disorders, liver or nephritic harm, hemorrhage disorders, unexplained shock…)
1. General management of poisoning
A. fast Assessment of the patient and initial aid:
. Circulatory system (Blood pressure, rate and every one signs of shock or pre-shock)
. System respiratory (Airways obstruction, rate, Air entry, Cyanosis)
. Medical specialty system (convulsions, metropolis coma scale)
. Signs of acidosis
. Hemorrhage disorders
. Hyper or physiological state
. Nephritic system (presence of water, color)

Glycaemia: particularly with kids and if medical specialty disorders are gift, check blood sugar
level (Dextrostix). Severe intoxication unremarkably causes symptom.

First Aid
. Recovery position
. Clear airways
. Begin cardio-pulmonary revival if required
. Correct symptom if gift
. Treat convulsion if gift

B. take away the suspected virulent substance (Using safe procedures)
(*) emetic is contra-indicated for youngsters but nine months.
– Lavage or evoked reflex is more practical if done inside the primary four to six hours.
– In several things, it’s tough to grasp specifically once the intoxication happened (How several hours before hospital admission)
– several virulent substances will depress viscous or enteral motility. Therefore lavage and / or evoked reflex may be terribly effective when quite twelve hours (e.g. Aspirin, Iron, major tranquillizer…)
. If the suspected virulent substance is especially dangerous
. If you don’t understand the precise length of intoxication
. If there’s no contra-indications (see flow-chart)
Always perform Associate in Nursing t\attempt of evoked reflex and / or viscous lavage(see flow chart)

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