1. If the baby cries smartly, the airway is obvious. If the baby dose not cry, clear the airway: aspirate secretions with mild suction.
2. Clamp the twine (30 seconds when delivery) – not too near the navel, with two clamps five cm apart. Make clean the twine and, then, cut the twine between the two clamps (use polyvidone 10%)
3. forestall hypothermia: Keep the baby heat.
. Dry the baby
. Wrap the baby in an exceedingly clean dry material – cowl the top.
. Keep the baby near mother
4. Assess the baby exploitation the check. Assess at one minute and five minutes and ten minutes if necessary.
5. Place a ligature round the twine – regarding three cm from the navel.
6. Apply a dry dressing to the twine. If there’s plenty of hemorrhage from the cord:
. Make certain the ligature is secure
. Seek for the hemorrhage purpose – apply firm pressure
7. Use a clean material or swab to wash the baby’s eyes like a shot when birth. Apply one dose of bactericide ointment a hundred and twenty fifth to every eye.
8. Weigh and live the babe.
9. Encourage the mother to carry the baby near her skin.
10. Place the baby to the breast and observe if he feeds. Golf shot the baby to the breast terribly shortly when delivery aids muscular contraction and also the delivery of the placenta. Notify the mother that she mustn’t discard the milk, because it contains antibodies that square measure vital in protective the baby against infection within the initial few weeks of life.
11. Offer vitamin K 1-2 mg/kg IM

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