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Skin issues

Sun Burn
Skin will burn as a results of ultraviolet B rays gift within the daylight.
Server burn (especially within the fairer people) will cause carcinoma later in life.
The darker Asians and Africans are additional protected with the presence of additional animal pigment, a pigment that causes discoloration of the skin.
The higher layer of the skin tends to thicken owing to harsh daylight. The skin can also lose a number of its snap leading to wrinkles and premature ageing.
Acne is associate degree inflammatory ski disorder that happens largely among teenagers. Skin problem causes pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. One quite internal secretion stimulates the oil glands that then grow larger and turn out plenty of oil or secretion. Dead skin blocks the pores, the secretion created cannot get to the highest of the skin. The white secretion builds up within the pores and deposits on the surface of the skin. Once some hours it hardens and is alter by the air and turns into a blemish. Severs skin problem besides being gift on the face are often seen on the chest, back of arms and legs.

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