Inflammation of the buckle membrane (with or while not infection), that is extremely common in young children.
Stomatitis may be severe and might contribute to deficiency disease in children: it should be treated fastidiously and mothers ought to be schooled the way to treat it.
Clinical signs

. Dysphagia
. Anorexia
. Nausea
. Typically ejection
if you see a patient with these non-specific symptoms and signs – continually examine the mouth. Signs within the mouth embrace.
. Red mucosa
. +/- Pathos ulcers
. +/- Vesicles
. With white plaques
Treat according a etiology:
Candida Albicans (Thrush)
– Very common in infants
– White plaques
– Frequently caused by antibiotic treatment.
– Clean the mouth with gauze soaked in sodium hydrogen carbonate resolution, and so apply anthelminthic with a cotton bud. Show the mother the way to do that 4-6 times per day.
– Oral mycosis id usually related to duct mycosis, therefore, offer antifungal a hundred, in three divided doses for 5-10 days. (Note that channel tablets may be sucked if solely these are available).
– Maintain sensible association and m\nutrition.
– Teach the mother regarding oral hygiene to forestall more episodes.
– In severe cases, think about the chance of HIV infection – perform an entire clinical examination.
Herpes Simplex Infection
– This infection is additional common in older kids and adults.
– It causes a painful mouth and issue feeding.
– Transmission is by tiny droplets of spit.
– Herpes simplex infection is commonly related to another health problem (malaria, pneumonia)
– Clean the mouth as higher than and apply anthelminthic.
– Maintain adequate association and nutrition.
– Treat associated diseases.
– Secondary infection will occur and more compromise feeding.
– Hydrate and feed by nasogastric tube
– Clean the mouth as represented higher than
– Give Associate in nursing antibiotic: Cotrimoxazole
– Adult: TMP 320 mg/day or SMX 1600 mg/day in a pair of divided doses for five days.
– Child: TMP 8-12 mg/kg/day or SMX 40-60 mg/kg/day in a pair of divided doses for five days.
– Hemorrhagic
– White bone and joint pains within the lower limbs (due to sub-periosteal hemorrhage).
– Caused by dietary antioxidant deficiency and should occur once individuals are dependent of food aid (in expatriate camps).
– Local treatment
clean the mouth and apply anthelminthic.
– Curative treatment
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
Adult five hundred – one,000 mg/day in three divided doses for 2-3 weeks.
– Preventive treatment
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
Adult a hundred mg/day
Nutritional education and supplementation with recent fruit.
Other causes
. Vincent’s angina (ulcer + mortification, fusospirillum)
. Measles
. Contagion (pseudo-membranes, general signs.
. contagious disease (strawberry tongue): eubacteria infection.
Benzylpenicillin G IM a hundred,000 U/kg/day divided in four injections for five days (or PPF IM as a
single injection/day), then penicillin V a hundred,000 U/kg/day in three divided doses to finish ten days.
. Angular rubor of the lips: may be a proof of aliment deficiencies and/or iron deficiency.
Offer multivitamins and/or metal salt + B complex tablets.

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