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THE RED EYE (Conjunctivitis)

The red eye happens because of diseases poignant any of the structures within the front of the attention i.e. the lids, mucosa and therefore the anterior section of the attention. The anterior section of the attention consists of the tissue layer / albuginea, the anterior chamber / chamber /aqueous and therefore the iris.

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1. Trauma
2. Chemicals
3. Infections
4. Allergy
5. General conditions
. Rubor
– Acute inflammation of the mucosa because of infections (viral or bacterial) allergic or irrigative causes.
– Either endemic or epidemic, lack of hygiene favors secondary infection which will result in inflammation and later cavity.
– In youngsters, typically related to Rhinopharyngitis.
If spreads simply from one eye to the opposite and from one person to the opposite in order that over one person in an exceedingly family are often affected.
. The causes of rubor are:
– Bacterial – cocci, Haemophilus, streptococci, Gonococcus
– Viral – animal virus, Herpes
– Chlamydial – eye disease
– Allergic – seasonal malady
– Chemical – cosmetics, smoke, harmful eye practices
. Symptoms
– Irritation and or sensation of foreign body within the eye
– Stick eyes within the morning
– Swelling of the eyelids
– Pus within the eyes in cases of microorganism infections
– Watery discharge just in case of microorganism or allergic discharge
– Itchy eyes and mucoid discharge in allergic conditions with or while not history of different types of allergic reaction like frequent nasal redness, skin rashes etc.
– Moderate pain
– Intact vision
. Signs
– Normal acuity
– Both eyes square measure sometimes affected
– The eyelids square measure swollen
– The white a part of each eyes – the mucosa is red. The redness is maximal within the furnaces. In allergic conditions, there could also be several watery swellings on the averted lids.
– Sub-conjunctiva hemorrhages square measure common with microorganism rubor.
– There is discharge from the eyes.
– The tissue layer is obvious
– The pupil is traditional

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– Pain and photophobia square measure signs of tissue layer involvement and indicate a lot of withered condition.
Look for serous membrane injection. Seek for tissue layer ulceration (fluorescein stain)
– Conjunctivitis sometimes doesn’t have an effect on the acuity of the patient. If acuity isn’t intact, seek for malady that’s a lot of serious. take care that the red eye of the patient you’re examining doesn’t have a a lot of serious cause.
– Chronic itching might indicate AN allergic type.
– Always seek for an overseas body (sub-conjunctiva or corneal) and if gift take away it.
. Treatment of rubor.
– Wash out the pus or secretion discharge from the attention of times with heat clean water) boiled and cold water or with traditional saline zero.9%)
– Wipe the attention with a clean textile / swab
– Treat for a potential microorganism infection by applying antibiotic eye ointment (Tetracycline 1%) Teach the person or a friend to use the attention ointment to each eyes 3 times on a daily basis for one week.
– In case of microorganism rubor, antibiotic ointment could also be accustomed stop secondary Infection. Most cases typically settles while not treatment in seven – twelve days.
– In allergic rubor (pruritus), wash face with cold water often and recommendation patient to wear dark glasses if potential. Treat with zero.5% sulfate or different medicine drops. In severe cases, oral medicine could also be prescribed:
Promethazine (PO)
Adult: twenty five mg/day divided in a pair of -3 doses
Child one mg/kg/day divided in a pair of -3 doses
Or Chlorpheniramine (PO)
Adult”25 mg/day divided in a pair of – three doses
Child > a pair of years: one to four mg/day divided in a pair of – three doses
Explain patient that this condition isn’t caused by AN infection, however by allergic reaction to mud, spore and different allergens. The cutaneous sensation can still return and go. It’s hard to cure however it’s not a significant condition.

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– Follow up all patients with rubor for three – seven day.
– If no improvement, confer with a watch doctor. (If tissue layer ulcers or kerato-conjunctivitis confer with eye specialist). To alleviate pain, provides a collegium with endocrine (adrenaline): endocrine one mg phial diluted in ten cubic centimeter of a solution (normal saline zero.9% or Ringer Lactate). Apply a couple of drops four times/day. Cowl with a watch pad as long as photophobia persists. Amendment eye pad morning and evening.
– Systematic treatment with vitamin A1.
 Never use eye medicines containing steroids
 Wash hands when examinations and instruct the patient or friend to try and do thus when every application of eye ointment.
. Prevention against the ocular complications of eruptive diseases (see measles)
– At the initial section systematic eye bathroom with AN solution (normal saline zero.9% or Ringer Lactate)
– Antibacterial collegium or eye ointment
– Vitamin A PO
. Interference of conjunctivitis:
– Improve hygiene
– Early identification and treatment.

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