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Your Skin kind

your variety of skin is part below your management (healthy or unhealthy) and part on the far side you (heredity).
Normal Skin

it is the “perfect skin”. It finely unsmooth and is soft and sleek. It doesn’t flake.
Dry Skin
It will feel tight, become flaky and is susceptible to facial lines. In spite of this, it will be finely unsmooth and fine.
Oily Or Greasy Skin
Oily or greasy skin has exaggerated secretion production owing to hyperactive fat glands. It a shiny look and may have enlarged pores that could lead on to blackheads and blemishes. This sort of skin might look coarse and is additionally liable to develop spots.
Sensitive Skin
it is sometimes fine and clear. It will suffer from redness and irrigation once exposed to spore and different allergies. It also can be allergic to bath powder, perfumes and different chemicals. Over the time, this sort of skin also can veins and features.
Combination Skin
the T zone of face (forehead, nose and chin) will be oilier (due to a lot of fat glands). The remainder of the skin of the face, round the eyes, the cheeks and therefore the neck will be dry.

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