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A tapeworm is a parasite that lives in the intestines of humans and animals. Some tapeworms attach themselves to the intestinal wall by means of suckers in their heads. Others float freely in the intestines and absorb food through the walls of their bodies.
A tapeworm consists of numerous segments. When a new segment forms, the older one move to the back of the animal. Each segment contains hermaphroditic sexual organs (hat is, male and female organs). The uterus of each ally, when the eggs are ready to hatch, the segment breaks off and is eliminated through the host’s excretory system. These embryos hatch, develop into larvae, and grow to adults only if ingested by an intermediate host.
One may be infected by tapeworms by eating under cooked beef, pork, or fish. Symptoms include irregular appetite, abdominal discomfort, anemia, weakness, and nervousness.

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