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Orangutan: ZooBorns

For the primary time in virtually a decade, a brand new Bornean great ape has been born at metropolis menagerie. Great ape was born to mother Sarikei and initial time father Willie. The news of the new baby has been hailed as a good boost for animal conservation, as recent estimates indicate there square measure but 55,000 orangutans left on the island of island in state, that is that the solely.
Sadly, their environment is being severely vulnerable by vegetable oil production. Over the past twenty years, it’s shriveled by a minimum of fifty fifth. The numbers of those orangutans within the wild have shriveled by half within the past sixty years and that they have currently been classified as critically vulnerable.
Thus breeding programs, like the one at metropolis menagerie, square measure extremely necessary to sustain their numbers world wild. this is often mother Sarikei’s third baby then so much the zookeepers say she has been doing a wonderful job taking care of her newborn. The baby becomes the seventh member of the Bornean Orangutans living at metropolis menagerie.

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