Before you take photos, you should look it carefully before you post on social network.

All people around the world, nowadays they favorite to take photos all everywhere and every times without be careful background. Sometime they like take photos in toilet, eating, sleeping, sometime alone with the beautiful viewer and go for a walk take with beautiful background. But they take photos without look at behind, so please look at all funny photos below with amazing background.
1.Who take a photo for her?

2. Wow Baby have a crown

3. Shadow Boy Adventures.

4. No problem with my hand.

5. What is behind in the mirror?

6. What is he doing?

7. Dog want to eat ice cream.

8. photographer professional with house bottoms.

9. My sister take lovely photo for me during i’m sleeping.

10. Dog’s bottom is very beautiful.

11. I don’t care, whenever i diarrhea but i still take photo. So cute jub jub..

12. Look at my new style.

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