(Video) The World of Highest Plcae and Longest Glass Bridge – Amazing Places

Sauce: Barcroft TV

At 430 meters long and staggering 300 meters above the ground. And it has lots of people go to visit that place.

Some people afraid of bridge because when they walk, they look at below so high make them terrible and wanna cry.

But that place it is very nice and one of amazing place in the world. This is the longest, highest glass bottomed bridge in the world. Located in ZHANGJIAJIE, in China’s human province the bridge connects two mountain cliffs known as the Avatar Mountains.

It can hold up to 800 people at the same time. Each of its 99 panels is mad of three layer of glass, so if one layer cracks the rest will hold.

A series of events have been staged to reassure the public of the bridge’s strength.

Including hitting it with a sledgehammer and even driving Car over it. But even the most extreme displays aren’t enough to curb some people’s fears.

Please enjoy video below:

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