Top 16 Funniest Photos That Show You Amazing Shadow Around The World.

Sometime shadow can show about some shape that look like apart of body, animals and something else. Whenever we look at shadow it make we laugh. Now please visit photos below that funniest make you unbelievable.

1.Two cup for breakfast.

2. He see a big candle in front of him.

3. Shadow family.

4. I can not take a photo with you.

5. don’t watch me.

6. Big snow hill tower

7. Who catch my brest

8. What is that?

9. Lonely on the beach.

10. Million meaning.

11. New style, new cloths and new shoe.

12. Give me some soft drink.

13. Night Day.

14. Just dream..

15. What is this behind shadow coming from?

16. I never look at this shadow when i come home.

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