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Laughing Crocodile

People always afraid of crocodile, because they very dangerous. Sometime crocodile was taking into the zoo for tourist visiting. Some people feed crocodile for selling to make shoes or fashion material. But some people just only see on the social network. So now i would like to show you laughing crocodile.
Please visit photos below.
1. My frog friend, they go to visit forest.

2. Wait me i go with you, don’t go fast like that.

3. Who can see me now? i watching you… hahah

4. Hey ! my friend tonight we go to Karaoke.

5. I want to pee, don’t watch me.

6. When i sing alone, when i sing alone…

7. Just get salary….

8. I don’t care, because i’m beautiful….

9. look at me ! I’m handsome or ugly?

10. How can i laugh anymore when my baby say i’m crazy?

11.Hey ! friend, hang out tonight, i just sell my skin.

12. haha,. no money no drink.

13. First day of the month face like this.

14. When i’m billionaire ..

15. Crocodile taxi meter.

16. Holiday with baby.

17. i can not breath anymore, because today is 29 of the month.

18. When i stay alone..

19. What Da Fak, why you bit me?

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