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Snake bite first aid.

When snake bite what can we do?
1. Move away from the snake and be careful snake bite again. When snake bite you should immediately get out of the snake’s range, so you don’t get bitten a second time from snake.

Get to a safe spot a fair distance away from the site where the snake bite occurred. However, do not run away or move anywhere too far. On that time your heart will start pumping faster if you try move too quickly and quickly, spreading the venom more quickly through your body very fast.
Find someplace or somewhere the snake is not likely to return. Find a flat boulder a bit above the path, a clearing, or another area without a lot of hiding places for snakes.
Try to remain as still as possible once you have reached a safer area.

2. Try to keep the area at or below the level of your heart. This will help make sure that if it was a venomous snake the spread of the venom is slowed down.

Keeping the bitten part of you below the level of your heart slows down the flow of any affected blood towards the heart, which would then pump the venom throughout your body.
If you can, fashion a splint to keep the area surrounding the bite from moving. Use sticks or
Boards and place them on either side of the bite area. Then tie a piece of cloth at the bottom, middle, and top of the boards to keep them in place.

3. You should find something clean the wound as best as you can, but don’t flush it with water. Take a clean cloth soaked in water and clean the wound gently but as thoroughly as possible. When the wound is clean, cover it with a clean cloth.

4. Wait for, or go for, medical help immediately. The best you can do is find medical help as soon as possible. The good news is that once you have cleaned the wound and have removed any jewelry, if there is little or no swelling, the bite is less likely to be from a venomous snake. However, even if this is the case there is still a risk of infection or a serious reaction, including allergic reactions, so you still need medical attention as soon as possible.

This are dangerous snake that we should to know.












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