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Animal’s egg cook yummy food that make you hungry

Food recipe is very important for your daily foods, and also everybody always try to cook the best food recipes for their family. Do you used to cook animal’s egg? some country take animal’s eggs to cook many yummy foods.

So now i will show you about animal’s egg food that look so yummy and you can try to cook it for your family.

1. Ngam Ngov Sour Soup

2. Fish Eggs Soup

3. Fried Chicken Eggs

4. Sour Prech Soup

5. Boil Chicken

6.Boil Duck Eggs

7. Fried Chicken’s Eggs Soya Soil

8. Sweet Heart Egg with Bread

9. Spicy Fish Eggs Soup

10. Bro-Her Fish Egg Soup

11. Fried Eggs with Chili Sauce




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