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Side effect & Symptom of Opium

Some people like smoking Opium, it isn’t good and we should avoid from it. But in medical the doctor use it for treatment people in surgery and use for reduce pain and analgesic.

Opium is a nature based substance and also it comes from the sap found inside opium poppy plants. Once dried and packaged, opium in its natural form can be smoked or taken orally and injection.
In its processed or purified form, opium can be used to make several other drugs, some of which include heroin, codeine and morphine as well as a range of prescription pain relief medication.
And also you should know about side effect of opium.
If you have some of the following side effects occur while taking opium, please check with your doctor immediately:

hives or welts
fast heartbeat
increased sweating
no blood pressure or pulse
Difficulty having a bowel movement
If you have some of the following symptoms of overdose occur while taking opium, get emergency help in the hospital immediately:
Symptoms when you use it overdose
blue lips and fingernails
chest pain or discomfort

cold sweats
coma or blurred vision
constricted, pinpoint (black part of eye)
difficult, fast, or noisy breathing

difficult or troubled breathing
difficulty sleeping
dizziness, lightheadedness when getting up from a lying
drowsiness to profound coma

fast heartbeat
increased hunger
other mental changes

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