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Funny Animals Smoking Cigarette.

Oh my god! that animals can smoke cigarette. It just funny that make animals like that.
So now i would like to show some photos below that make you luagh.
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1. I need lighter right now..!

2. After swimming…

3. I’m gangster duck

4. i’m smoke because i’m break up..

5. I finding some light…

6. Who need me take care home?

7. Chicken protector…

8. Just only one cigarette.

9. I steal one cigarette from crocodile..!

10. More light…

11. I’m broken again.

12. Say no with u…

13. What Da Fak, 2 hours not yet finish ….

14. i feeling good…

15. I feeling bad…

16. I like that…

17. Look at me now, i need u..

18. Who want fight with me..

19. I  like the kid..

20. Dogster…

21. Nothing to say..

22. I want to smoke long time.

23. Give me more cigarette…..

24. Wow, now feeling..

25. I need more time to talk with you..



videos by: Barcroft TV

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