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Some Ways Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Are you problem with your hair? I would like to show you some way to grow faster your hair and protecting from hair loss.

Luckily, concentrating on your hair growth fast can actually get great results from this way, especially when you invest in some strategic eating. Here is a shortlisted some foods which will not only help you lengthen your locks but also give them strength and stimulate the growth of new hair. Read on for hair that just begs to be touched.

1. Yoghurt
Rich in hair-friendly proteins, vitamins like B5 and D and natural moisturizers to hydrate your scalp and keep it healthy. If you are not a fan of plain yogurt, invest in cups of flavored yogurt and get started on your hair repair regime. The best thing about yogurt is that it can also be applied to the hair directly to counter dry and dull hair, dandruff and brittle ends.

2. Eggs
Rich in zinc, selenium, sulphur and iron, egg yolk helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles and also contain biotin which promotes growth. A word of warning though: remember, it is the egg yolk and not the whites which make the hair long and strong. Over consumption of egg whites has been found to block absorption of biotin and other minerals into the body, leading to hair loss and other health issues.

3. Sweet potatoes.
This delicious vegetable contains large amounts of beta carotene which is converted into Vitamin A upon entering the human body and enhances the scalp and quality of existing hair. Vitamin A is essential for the functioning of all cells in the body and also sustains the natural oils produced by our scalp. Sweet potatoes are an excellent remedy for itchy scalps and dandruff as well.

4. Dry fruits
These nuts make hair grow faster and thicker owing to the high levels of biotin and Vitamin E present in them and shield hair against DNA damage and UV rays

5. Salmon
Proteins and Vitamin D both of which are essential for strong hair. Salmon and other cold water fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids which our hair needs to grow.

6. Lentils
For those who don’t know, the lentil is an edible pulse grown for its lens-shaped seeds for basic foods, like daal and beans. Although tiny in size, lentils are full of protein, biotin, zinc and iron, making them highly advantageous for hair growth and the overall health of the human body


7. Avocado
A high concentration of fatty acids which keep skin smooth and soft make avocados an age-old beauty secret. When applied, avocadoes stimulate collagen and elastin which make the skin supple and hair soft. An excellent way to reap the countless benefits of the fruit is by mixing it into some sour cream and applying it to your hair 10 minutes before taking a shower. The lactic acid found in sour cream exfoliates dead skin and clears residue on the scalp while nutrients in avocado expedite the growth of new hair and lengthen exiting ones. Develop this into a regular pre-shower hair mask routine and you will be well on your way to gorgeous hair.

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