World That Guinness World Record for Tallest Living Male

Today i would like to show the best tallest people in the world that Guinness World Record for tallest living male. Height is most important for your personality. There are various tallest men in the World. But we find tallest men in the world. Everyone want to see tallest men in the world. Because this is amazing for them.

Please visit below:
1. Sultan Kosen (251 CENTIMETRE(S) Turkey

2. Bao Xishun (2.36 meters ) China

3. Brahim Takioullah (8 feet and 1 inch)

4. Zhang Juncai (2.42 meters) China

5. Suparwono (7 feet and 10.5 inch) Indonesian

6. Sun Ming Ming (7 feet and 9 inches) China

7.Please visit video below:

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