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Amazing Waterfalls.

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There are lots of amazing waterfall around the world that we want to go there. If we can go there it maybe can not forget it. Some  

1. It the most beautiful waterfalls that located in Croatia, it’s something like the Grand Canyon…except with bright green colored moss lining the sides and crystal clear lakes at the bottom.

2. Ban Gioc/Detain Falls

3. Victoria Falls / Mosi-oa-Tunya , South Africa, Zambia – Zimbabwe

4. Tugela falls south africa | Amazing places in the world | Top amazing places in south africa

Tugela Falls Video.

5. South Africa & Victoria Falls

6.Howick Falls

Howick Falls videos

7. Lisbon Falls, South Africa
Just north of little town of Graskop in Mpumalanga in South Africa you will find the dramatic Lisbon Falls. The area is known as the Panorama Route and there are more waterfalls located here than anywhere else in Southern Africa. At the Lisbon Falls you can see the Lisbon River splitting into three streams which then cascade off the cliff fence – showing off in the most beautiful way.

Lisbon Falls videos

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