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Elephant Circus..

In the world the animals that still alive from millions year ago until nowadays, there are many kinds and the body were change.

Now the elephant is the biggest animals, we can see elephant in forest in live with people. Some people train elephant for circus and other people use elephant earn money by ride on the back elephant for visit in forest. And sometime elephant was use for pushing big wood in forest.
But now i would like to show you about elephant circus. Please visit below:
1. The best stand on the chair.

2. How to stand on the barrel.

3. Sitting and put the hands up.

4. Pleae visit videos, elephant circus.

5. Walking skill.

6. Sleeping skill.. hahah

7. I want to stand two hands.

8. Standing on the ball.

9. Team Circus..

10. Finish..

11. Please visit more videos of elephant circus.

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