The Technique of using kaffir lime peel to prevent insect

It’s simple way to protect any bad insect that make problem when we working all the time.

1. Anti-insect substance
The kaffir lime peel has substance such as: Limonene and Linalool that effect of insect’s nervous.
2. For Using
We can use the kaffir lime peel to produce Anti-insect
3. How to produce
– So we need to cut the kaffir lime peel and take out the fiber from kaffir lime.
– Put the kaffir lime peel into the beaker or glass
– And then we put hot water into that beaker and use two glass of hot water for one kaffir lime peel.
– Soak kaffir lime peel in hot water for one night
– filter and take it for killing insect


4. Note: The effective of this Anti-insect will be increase when we mix it with the soap.
5. The effective of Anti-insect

We can use it for killing many kind of insect just like:
– Tick or Louse
– Ant
– Mosquito
– Fly….etc.












please visit more way video below:

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