It is an intermittent type of fever caused by a parasite of the plasmodium group. It is produced by the bite of an Anopheles (a type of mosquito).

The fever is spread all over the world and the temperature may be seen regularly, on alternate days or on second days. It may run into a chronic stage if it is not treated soon.
Signs and Symptoms: The patient will have liver and spleen enlargement, fever, headache, pain in the abdomen, vomiting and delirium.

Treatment: A decoction must be prepared out of Mahasudarshana churna; add Mahajwarankusha (200 mg.) and Pravala Bhasma (200 mg.) and administer it twice daily.
A decoction prepared out of following drugs can be given in a dose of 2 teaspoon twice daily:
(1) Sahadevi (Vernonia cineria),
(2) Saptaparna (Alstonia scholaris),
(3)Karaja (Caesal pinia bondu cella),
(4) Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum),
(5) Kirata Tikta (Swertia chirata),
(6) Drona Puspi (Leweas cephalotes,
(7) Karavellaka (Momordia charantia),
(8) Trayamana (Gentiana kurroa).

If there is more heat along with temperature, then Chirayita, bark of Saptaparna, Ushira and black Jeeraka should be mixed and taken along with honey in a dose of 2 teaspoonful. If there is cold along with fever then one-fourth teaspoonful in Katuki or Nimba bark should be added to the above decoction and administered to the patient. Root of Lata Karanja should be cleaned and prepared in the form of dry powder to be given in a dose of half gm. along with honey.

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