The patient will have a cold associated with swelling and pain in the joints. It is called Amavatajwara in Ayurveda. It can afflict children as well as adults.

Signs and Symptoms: The patient will have a cold associated with fever and pain and swelling in major joints like knees, elbows and ankles. With the rise of temperature to 102-103 Fahrenheit, the patient will have pain in the body, loss of taste, thirst, loss of appetite and laziness and heaviness in the body.

Treatment: According to the modern system of medicine, rheumatic fever is caused by some infective organisms and therefore will be treated with some antibodies; but in Ayurveda it is due to the derangement of digestive fire and hence that should be toned up properly to correct the disease.
The following treatment can be observed:

1. Arogyavardhini 1 tablet (of 120 mg.)
Maharasnadi Quatha: 1 ounce
Yogaraja Churna: 1 gm.
Thrice daily with hot water or honey.
2. Draksharishta: ½ ounce
Amritarisha: ½ ounce
Amavatarirasa (200 mg.)
Bhringaraja Churna: ¼ gm.
Thrice daily with honey.

3. Rasna Ghrita: 2 teaspoonful thrice daily in chronic cases.
The juice of Guduchi 1 ounce with powder of dry ginger 15 grains twice daily.
External Treatment: Massaging of the body with oils is contra indicated in this condition. However, Amavathahara taila (Impcops) or Kottumchukadi taila (Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakal) can be applied all over the body. It should be suitably warmed.

Valuka Sweda: Sufficient quantity of sand is taken and a bolus is prepared; it is warmed over a hot plate and fomentation is given to the swollen joints. The patient will get relief from the pain and swelling in the joints.

Diet: A gruel from fried rice with the decoction of milk and Panchakola must be prepared and given to the patient twice daily. Rest in bed and fluids, diuretics, and laxatives and bittergourd, are all recommended. To remove constipation Trihala can be given; to tone up the liver Katuki can be given in a dose of 30 grains twice daily.

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