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Black Water Fever

It is called Kalamasha Jwara in Ayurveda. A patient suffering from this disease will pass Hemoglobin in the urine. Hemoglobin is present in RBC (Red Blood Corpuscles).

After it breaks it will be reutilized for the formation of RBC. There will be a reddish tinge to the urine. It occurs in India, Central Africa and other tropical countries. It also occurs as a complication of quinine therapy.

Signs and Symptoms: The patient will experience a rise in temperature, around 104-105 Fahrenheit with reddish or blackish urine, nausea, vomiting, shivering and jaundice. The liver and spleen are usually enlarged.

Initially the temperature starts and later stops with profuse sweating, jaundice and emaciation. It is produced due to the vitiation of vata and kapha according to Ayurveda.
Treatment: The patient must be given sufficient quantity of fluids and a nutritive diet. Sarjakshara with lemon juice and sugar is a good drink. The patient should be given the following medicines:

1. Guduchi Satva ( ½ gm), Laksha churna ( ½ gm), Pravala Bhasma, Narayana Vati (2 tablets) twice daily with honey.
2. Lohasava ( ½ ounce) twice daily
Vishamajwarantaka Rasa (200 gms) twice daily.

3. Shatavari: ½ gm                    with milk one cup twice daily.
Gokshura: ½ gm         =>          Twice Daily
+ Laksha: 400 gm       =>

4. Chandra Prabhavati and

Chandrakala rasa 2 tablets each twice daily.

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