It is called Pralepaka Jwara in Ayurveda. It occurs either in septic poisoning, tuberculosis or any chromnic illness.

Symptomps: The temperature will come down at night and generally ranges from 102 to 104 Fahrenheit. The patient may have profuse sweating with weakness after fever. This is due to the vitiation of vata and pitta.

Treatment: Vasata Malati Rasa (100 mg) Guduchi Satva ( ½ gm) Stiophaladi Churna ( ½ gm) Pravalabhasma ( 100 mg) thrice daily with honey.
In case of Septicemia and Pyogenic conditions the following prescription is found to be successful:
(a) Sarvana Sundara Rasa (200 mg) + Katuki Churna (1 gm)
(b) Sanjeevani Vati (200 mg) + Panchakola Churna (20 grs) + Punarnava ( ½ gm).
If the heart is involved then Hridayarnava Rasa (200 mg) with Shringa Bhasma (200 mg) must be administered twice daily with honey.

Intermittent Fever (Hectic Fever) Remittent Fever. Relapsing Fever: Tertian Fever. Quartan Fever. Days of Fever Followed by a Several Days Afebrile. Pel Ebstein Fever. Fever Every 21 Day.

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