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Giant Syringe !!

Do you afraid syringe?
Some people really afraid syringes and especially children afraid it so much. so that some country create the statue of syringe because they want to show that syringes has many advantages that it can save people’s life and treat people from their disease.
so i will tell you some history of syringe.

The origins of injecting effectively go back into pre-history, with using of weapons such as blowpipes and poison tipped darts to introduce substances into the body albeit involuntarily for most of the recipients in many parts of the world.

At its most basic, a syringe is a type of simple pump and it is likely that syringe type devices were produced by many people. The earliest and most common syringe type device was called a ‘clyster’ a device for giving enemas.

It is impossible to be precise about when this developed, and when injecting as we know it began – the origins of the hypodermic syringe are clouded in uncertainty because there were numerous parallel processes of evolution and experimentation that led to the development of devices to inject drugs and medicines.

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