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Can Snakes Really Come Up a Toilet?

Snake are very dangerous animal that we should stay away from them, but anyway it’s unbelievable that snake can go into the toilet.

it the real story that a snake was shocked a family when they discovered it in their toilet and it might have been on the loose in the area for about 3 months, it has emerged.
Reggie the Jonh Nado appeared when a eight years old boy opened the lid in his family bathroom in Southend.

and following media coverage of the snake’s rescue his owner has now come forward.
and also there are many report about snake go into the toilet in many family’s house.
so everyone should be careful when you go to your toilet and please look around your toilet because sometime snake hide its body in your toilet that you don’t know and then it will be bite you.

it look very terrible if snake go into your toilet so please be careful every time and everywhere whenever you go into the toilet.
wish everybody good luck all the time.

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