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KID & BABY VINES that will make you DIE LAUGHING …

Kid like playing more than adults and also kids are very noisy especially it look messy whenever kids play something at home.

i wanna to show you many photos of noisy kids but they are very smart and lovely.
whenever they play something so the kids always giggle, scream, yell, laugh, talk,bang toys, jump, and then giggle some more. Even as they get older, the noise level never really seems to decrease. What help is there for parents who want to get the noisy kids to be quiet?

When my small sister were young, their noisiness was a major cause for stress and noisy, My father worked nights so during the day, he was trying to sleep while they played. I can’t remember how many times I would say, “Shhh! Quiet down! Daddy’s sleeping!” When that didn’t work, so that my own voice would realize as I continued with my pleas to “quiet down”.

One day, however, my father mentioned how difficult it had been to get to sleep. I assumed it was because of all the noise the kids had made so I began to apologize for their rowdiness. “Well, actually,” he said, “I really didn’t hear them. Instead I heard you telling them to be quiet all day.”

so i wanna to show you that all the kid are noisy this is kid behavior that we should apologize for them when they have mistake because they are very you so they don’t know at all.

Please watch more videos.

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