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Is there a snake with two heads?

Snake two head we’re rarely to see it, but i used to see it one time.

and how about you? do you used to see snake two head?
snake has only one body and it has two head that can not separate it.
the most of snakes live alone and don’t really play well with others. In addition to one trying to cannibalize the other, that snake two head may it also fight over food. and are you supposed to do for a snake that is really two in one?

It’s impossible to know how each brain interprets the other head.
it seems like they would get fairly used to one another, and also they still don’t have realization that it’s okay for one snake to eat when hungry because the nutrients will be shared to one snake and two head. do you know? each brain will be get the hunger signal and when decide they want to go for food or when they want to find the foods. If one in side has food and other doesn’t, two of the maybe begin to fight over it.
snakes two head don’t live so long,and it also can do very fine in captivity as long as it properly cared for.

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