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The iPhone X Pre-orders Sell Out in Minutes on Samsung’s home turf

Source: Yonhap News

The iPhone-X may have greater levels of iphone X that availability in Apple Stores than many predicted, but there’s one place you’ll struggle to get your hands on one: It’s very special in South Korea.

According to a last new report, the Samsung’s home turf experienced the massive surge of orders for the iPhone X when it was made available for Pre-Order, ahead of its November 24, 2017 launch. In total, the allocated iPhone X shipments for the country sold out within minutes.

Other carriers including KT Corp and LG Uplus also say they sold out of their pre-order iPhone X handsets within minutes. “The initial inventories were … too low to meet the demand,” an official from one mobile carrier said.

It appears that whoever divvied up the next-gen iPhone handsets misjudged demand in South Korea, where the iPhone X is considerably pricier than it is in the U.S. — with the entry level iPhone X retailing for $1,237 in a country where wages are also typically lower.

Industry watchers say the total number of iPhone X handsets for South Korea was 150,000, compared to more than 200,000 for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The high demand for the iPhone X is especially good news for Apple given that a lot of the South Korean tech press, which often favors its home-grown Samsung brand, has dedicated plenty of space to critizing the high price of the device — and even nonsensically
suggested a recall of the devices could be carried out at one point.


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