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The Story Between Crocodiles and Monkeys.

Crocodile Vs Monkey
Crocodile are very cruel animal but Monkey are very clever animal, anywhere both of them always has attacking when they meet each other, so do you think who is the winner? although monkey are very clever animals but it always lose crocodile because crocodile has the good skill in fighting or attacking another animals.

and do you used to see the story between crocodile and monkey?
so please read: Once upon a time a monkey lived in a tree by a river and that river is very nice and fresh air. The monkey was alone as he had no friends or no family, but he was living in happy life. The tree gave him plenty of sweet jamun fruit to eat, shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.

One day a crocodile who was swimming up the river climbed on to the bank to rest under the monkey’s tree. ‘Hello’, called the monkey, who was a very friendly animal. ‘Hello’, replied the crocodile, surprised. ‘Do you know where I can get some food to eat? now i’m so hungry. he asked. ‘I haven’t had anything to eat all day and I am really hungry.’ Now you might think that the crocodile would want to eat the monkey, but this was a very kind and gentle crocodile and the thought never entered his head.

The monkey who was very kind said, ‘I have lots of fruit in my tree. Would you like to try some?’ He threw some down to the crocodile. The crocodile was so hungry that he ate up all the jamuns even though crocodiles don’t usually eat fruit. He loved the sweet tangy fruit and when he had eaten all he wanted it. the monkey said that “Come back whenever you want more fruit’.

Soon the crocodile was visiting the monkey every day. The two animals became good friends and also they would talk and tell each other stories, and eat lots of sweet jamuns together.
One day the crocodile told the monkey about his wife and his family. and then the monkey said “Please take some fruit for your wife as well when you go back today’.







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