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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Home Treatment

If you are the person who infected with HIV, you can lead an active life for a long time like this way.

Make you have healthy lifestyle choices
Eat a healthy food everyday and also balanced diet to keep your immune system stronger than before. Heart healthy eating can help prevent some of the problems such as high cholesterol that it can be caused by treatment for HIV.

So you should learn how to deal with the weight loss that HIV infection can cause.
and also learn how to handle food properly to avoid getting food poisoning that it can make your organ lose of immune system.

For more information, see the topic Food Poisoning and Safe Food Handling.
Exercise regularly to reduce stress and improve the quality in your life. Take steps to help prevent HIV-related fatigue.

try to go to the place that have the fresh air that you have feeling comfortable.
please don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol. For the people who HIV are more likely to have a heart attack or get lung cancer. maybe 1 7 to 18 Cigarette smoking can raise these risks even more.
Don’t use illegal drugs.






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