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How to Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condom

Some people don’t wanna have a baby because they just got married so that they want to have a sweet time for many year without a baby to bother them.

But sometime may you don’t want to use condom. so may you will be glad to know you don’t need to use a condom to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
so i will show you the best 3 ways to prevent pregnancy without using condom.

1. The Safe Week (Calendar Method)
If you use this method, may you need to have intercoursebetween the 8th and 20th day of the menstrual cycle of the female partner or your wife. so you can only make love during her period’s first day.

2. Withdrawal Method (Pull and Pray Method)
For this method, the male needs to get his penis out before he ejaculates,so hope that his discharge doesn’t enter the vagina of your wife. but you try make the time so meaningful.

3. Birth Control Pills
Do you know? For this considered are most popular for many couple and it is very safest way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Hormonal birth control pills are the best choice since they modify the fertility cycle of the female to stop pregnancy. so it is easy for all couple.







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