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How to Prevent Herpes

Genital herpes is spread from sexual skin to skin contact with someone who has herpes that is including vaginal , anal, and oral sex. So the best way to avoid herpes and other STDs is to not have any contact with another person’s genitals or mouth.

Herpes can live on areas of your body or organ that aren’t protected by condoms (like the scrotum,upper thighs, and labia), so you should know that condoms it not always protect you from herpes.

Please don’t have sex with anyone during a herpes outbreak, because that’s when it spreads the most easily during that time. and also herpes is usually passed when there are no sores or symptoms, it’s very important to use condoms and dental dams.

You Should use a condom every time during you have sex.
so that condom may protect you from the herpes virus if it covers the infected area.
Do you know? The most people who have genital herpes sometime don’t know they’re infected, so ask whether he or she used to has any other sexually transmitted disease or not? People with a history of STDs are more likely to have genital herpes.






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