The Monkey Give A Birth Newborn Baby Very Nice in Wildlife.. | News

The Monkey Give A Birth Newborn Baby Very Nice in Wildlife..

Here are two distinct lineages of monkeys are New in the world has Monkeys and catarrhines.

Most primates and many other animals for that matter, normally give birth at night in order to avoid predators, as well as to give the new mother time to recover and start nursing her infant. This means that observations of wild primates giving birth are few and far between.

and the research about the monkeys finally caught the seldom seen act when one mother gave birth during at the day. so that the researchers even managed to photograph the event,which they have reported.

Monkeys are haplorhine primates, a group generally possessing tails and consisting of about 250 to 260 known living species.
In the newly reported case with the golden snub-nosed monkeys, researchers found that as soon as the mother started showing signs of agitation, and also the second female monkey came in to groom her.

When the contractions started, she stayed close by, and when the baby started to crown, she helped to pull it free. After the mother fed and licked the newborn, so she allowed the second female to hold and lick it too. In the few hours after the birth, the mother only let the “midwife” monkey and one other female hold the new infant, rejecting another juvenile who also came in to have a look.
congratulations for monkeys pregnant and had a newborn baby monkey.










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