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Giant Ships in The World !!

There’re lots of heaviest ships in the world and some ship very biggest that keep most containers on the ship. So today i would like to show you the largest ship in the world.

1. Seawise Giant

Built-in 1979 by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Fully laden, her displacement was 657,019 tonnes (646,642 long tons; 724,239 short tons), the heaviest ship of any kind, and that with a draft of 24.6 m (81 ft), she was incapable of navigating the English Channel, the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal. Overall, she was generally considered the largest ship ever built,as well as the largest self-propelled manmade object ever built.


2. Esso Atlantic
Esso Atlantic is the one of the most popular historic names of the big ships category. This huge ship used to be the best in its time and has served the world with its consistent services level of straight 35 years. Basically it was an Oil tanker with the dead-weight tonnage capacity of almost 516,000 tones. and also the length of this huge ship was 1,334 feet and the speed capacity was up to 16 knots. Esso Atlanticwas disposed off as scrap on 2002 in Pakistan.



3. CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt
The Four times larger than the Statue of Liberty, the 1,202-foot-long CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt was hard to miss as it moved past Sullivan’s Island, and traveled under the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and then docked at the Wando Welch Terminal Thursday…


4. Globtik Tokyo
Touched the surface of water in February 1973 for its first voyage. It was one of the biggest oil tankers of its time with the length of 1,243 feet and a massive dead-weight tonnage capacity of almost 484,000 tons. Along with this huge weight lifting capacity.The Globtik Tokyo had a top speed of 16 to 17 knots. Globtik Tokyoserved the world continuously for a straight 13 years until its life ended. The red and black combination of coloring scheme on the body of Globtik Tokyo, when moving on water gave a great view to everyone, greatly enhanced its beauty and massive looks.


5. PreludeĀ 
But its specifications are impressive, outstripping the 1,453ft (443m)-tall Empire State Building in New York. Once complete, the facility will weigh more than 600,000 tonnes fully loaded, displacing the same amount of water as six of the world’s largest aircraft carriers. And at 242ft wide and 360ft high, it is expected to produce 3.6million tonnes of LNG a year – and its storage tanks have a capacity equivalent to approximately 175 Olympic swimming pools.


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