Elephants and Crocodile are very strong animal the same, However we used to see that sometime elephants had attack crocodile but sometime crocodile attack elephants.

At first it appears as if the crocodile might win in its bid to kill the elephant as the herd backs away cautiously after it clamped on to its trunk.
and especially the tourists on a nearby boat can be heard gasping as it appears might be pulled under by the crocodile.

However, after huddling together, the elephants turn defence into attack by stamping on the crocodile until it lets go of its prey.
Moreover i can’t pretend to have done any research on this specific incident at all and don’t know anything about it. The elephant that gets attacked appears to be another adult female.And after recovering from the shock of “OMG there’s a crocodile on my trunk”, her reaction seems to involve aggression and retaliation and she seems to charge into the water in pursuit.

The young elephants watch helplessly as the crocodile attacks and the mother fights back. … In this story, a young elephant gets tricked by a crocodile into going too close to the water. The crocodile bites the elephant’s trunk and what was once a small trunk gets stretched to its modern day length.

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