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Snake and Mongoose Like Fighting Each Other.

Snake and Mongoose always fights whenever they meet each other.
this is in the natural life that both of these animal hate each other very much.

So has some story between snake and mongoose that i would like to tell you :
Once there lived a noble man in a village called Dharmapurii , And One day, his wife gave birth to a child and the couple were very happy. It happened that on the very same day a mongoose gave birth to a pup (baby mongoose) near to the noble man’s house.

Unfortunately, the mother mongoose died soon after give the birth of its pup. So the noble man took pity on him and the couple adopted the pup and starte

d looking after him as their own child. The mother fed the pup as she fed her own child, and the two grew together. Moreover , the little ones were fond of their mother and they had a strong bond between them. However, the mother was alert.So she really believed that the pup will start showing the animal instincts as it grows into a mongoose. She always cautioned her husband to keep a watch on the animal.
to be continue………….



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