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Benefit Of Feeding Snake

Since snakes eat entire prey items, this simplifies things for snake owners and most certainly prevents many of the dietary-related diseases so commonly seen in other reptiles.

This is because the normal prey represents a complete and balanced diet for the snake. A mouse, for example, is a complete and balanced nutrition package for a rodent-eating snake. However, it does present a problem for some people in that you must provide some type of prey to the snake. If you’re squeamish about killing rodents for your snake and then watching it eat the prey, a snake is probably not the pet for you!

Feeding snakes is a controversial topic among reptile keepers. Some people feel it is best to feed the most natural diet in the most natural way possible, regardless of risk to the pet, while others feel it is safer to feed a natural item in a safer manner. The key points to remember are that feeding pre-killed prey to pet snakes is safer and more convenient than feeding live prey.

Smaller snakes obviously have to eat much less volume of food per meal. It’s much cheaper to feed a small rat each week than to have to feed a large rabbit to your snake. Here’s the math:
Small frozen rabbit from Rodent Pro is currently 4.50 EACH
Medium frozen rats from is currently 13.90 for a bag of 10 If you are feeding once a week it will cost 18.00 to feed a snake 4 small rabbits, but only $3.46 to feed 4 medium sized rats. Over the course of a year if you were to feed just small rabbits you’d spend over $200 (18*12). Feeding with rats would come out to $41.52 over 12 months.



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