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Feeding The Big Hen and Healthy Hen

This is a daily basic need for your chickens. Do you know? Chickens are naturally fantastic foragers and also if they are free range they will love to forage for insects and greenery.

However to keep healthy chickens that will lay lots of eggs for you, you will need to provide extra food. Here you will learn what type of food to feed, and how much you will need to feed your chickens as well as what chickens favourite treats are.

Chickens need a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrate , vitamins, and also minerals. Moreover protein is particularly important for growing chickens and for producing eggs.
A good layer will stop producing as many eggs if she doesn’t have enough protein in her diet.

I am desperate for some ”NEW” advice. I have 30 hens of various ages and various breeds. 2 are currently laying. I bought some hens from a man who has won several expositions. He told me to feed them a mixture of 1 cup of corn, 1 cup of turkey chick feed and 1 tps of laying mix and if I feed them that I would get beautiful healthy chickens.

They are beautiful but healthy, i am seeing a lot of liquid stools around, not bloody (they were treated for coccidosis), but liquid. I am thinking that maybe the mixture has too much protein, that is what another chicken guy told.
And especially you should be careful and take care your hen during the wintertime your hens’ dietary requirements will change as they molt and prepare for the cold, dark winter whilst their body recuperates for next spring.

Not only will their dietary requirements change but the volume of food they eat will also change during the winter. It’s important that during these changes you keep an eye on your hens and provide them with not only the right food but the right amount of food.

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