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Real Fight Between Crocodile and Cat

It looks like a good way for this cat to become a tasty snack for crocodile.

we know that crocodile are very cruel animal and it always eat fresh meat for food, anywhere some cat don’t afraid crocodile and it also try to fight with crocodile.
The cat makes yet another break for it when a second reptile tries to wrestle the first over its carcass, but unfortunately it does not get far before it is again attacked and killed.

Thousands of people have condemned the cruel and senseless act in the city of Iquitos after watching the video, which has since gone viral.
this is a defenceless animal… There are no circumstances to do something like this.

It begins with the cat firing off three right jabs before the gator steps back to flash its most menacing stare down ever.
After the tense face off, the gator moves forward, grabs a piece a chicken and wham! gets a right hook straight in the mouth.









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