A Girl Try to Help Her Boyfriend Get Out of the Jail by Packing Him in The Suitcase. | News

A Girl Try to Help Her Boyfriend Get Out of the Jail by Packing Him in The Suitcase.

A woman was arrested by the police while she trying to help her boyfriend from a prison in “Puente Ayala”. she try to pack boyfriend in a suitcase.

An attempt to help her boyfriend from the prison was almost complete, but immediately the prison guards began to doubt after they saw the woman pulling suitcases out of a difficult situation, such as being intense.
The woman, Antonieta Robles Souda, 25, arrived in Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui, Venezuela last week to visit her boyfriend, José Antonio Anzoátegui, who was sentenced to nine years and eight months for stealing a car.

When visiting her, she even brought a 6-year-old daughter and a large pink suitcase, which is not unusual for prisoner members to stay overnight in a prison in South America. The source said that their plans went smoothly, and also with the woman pulling suitcases in front of the guards in several prisons without suspicion, but the smooth project was disrupted when the guards were concerned that the woman was trying to pull her suitcase very badly.

They also called Antonieta and ordered her to open her suitcase to see what was inside, without choice. She opened the suitcase and saw José Antonio inside the luggage quietly, as well as some heavy-duty clothes and some clothes overlaid.
Police in Puente Ayala sent him to the scene, and his girlfriend was temporarily detained to wait for the official charge, while their six-year-old daughter was sent to a nursing home and providing social services for care.

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