Newborn Baby Look Like 80 Year Old Boy. (Video) | News

Newborn Baby Look Like 80 Year Old Boy. (Video)

In the south western at the part of Magura, a surprising thing after a baby was born his face look like a 80 year old boy, a rare condition that caused the baby to become aging wrinkled and full of wrinkles in his eyes.

In fact, in a video released on Tuesday, as one doctor said, “This baby seems to be completely out of date because of the appearance of older symptoms, such as excessive wrinkles and stenosis.”

Progeria is a rare condition that is caused by a genetic error that makes the body of a child much faster than normal and also generally does not reach the age of 13. In particular, the condition of the baby does not matter because the doctors are monitoring the health and development of the child carefully.





Please visit videos below:
video by: Jeremiah – The RAW Vegan Preneur

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