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The Giant Snake Accident During Pregnancy. Has VIDEO

Anaconda is the giant snake that can eat many animals easily and it is very cruel snake.

But the unbelievable it does not have venom like another snake, and also it can bite and swallowing its enemy easily such as cow elephant sheep cat dog…etc. Anaconda is the reptiles and it can live on the ground water and it always can climb the tree also, and especially it prefer to live in the water.

This is the video that show you all about the big accident between anaconda with truck, that make many people dead also and trunk overturned into lake, and about snake, it was die immediately and also it is pregnancy snake and have so many small snakes on the road by the anaconda have big stomach. it is very horror accident and many people also came there to see also.
that look very terrible accident.”






Please visit video below:

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