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A Man Pregnant Had Massive Tumor Removed

Doctors worry a man so much and all the doctor try to removed a giant tumor from the stomach of a man, that man live in Chengdu, China.

The man identified as Zhang from Leshan city, Sichuan Province, He so upset everyday to lived with a giant tumor in his abdomen for nearly ten miserable years. and also his family always try to find money for him to get surgery and remove this tumor, anywhere that man said that don’t worry about him and he promise he will live in happy with his family although he had a very big tumor in his abdomen.

But one day he get a surgery to remove it on Friday, doctors at a Chengdu hospital performed a six-hour surgery on the man.

Moreover it was very difficult operation because the tumor, weighing around 15 kilograms, had caused distortion of the surrounding organs, which were subject to other injuries. But the doctors managed to remove the tumor successfully. Despite the tumor making him look pregnant and causing serious trouble to his health, Zhang didn’t do anything about it until recently because of his financial predicament.

However Zhang’s sister told Chengdu Business Daily that she could only manage to collect the 80,000 yuan (12,300 US dollars) operation fee after borrowing money from relatives. but is still asking for donations for post-surgery treatment.
And all member in his family pray for him during surgery.
Finally he had removed remove it and his health get better.

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