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Side Effect Of Putting Smart Phone in Your Pockets

Do you always keep your smartphone in pocket? That is very dangerous to keep smartphones near your body. In general the men often put their mobile phones in pants.

For women always put a cellphone in a bra.
It can be a lot easier for people, but there are many reasons why you need to think about the place of your phone. your life depends on it.

Dangerous relationship between smartphones and cancer
The main reason is that there is a link between breast cancer and mobile phones.
Negatively affects the amount of male sperm
Because of cell phone radioactivity, putting a phone in a pocket can block the production of sperm.

You may have a back pain problem
Neurologists have observed that some patients with foot and foot injuries often put mobile phones in the back of the pocket. this device will damage your nerves.
So you should be careful of keeping smartphones that disadvantage in your organ or body.
I wish you all have healthy. Thank You!







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