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A Man Buy Seven S*X Dolls After divorce with His Wife, but …

A 58 years old man from Guizhou Province, at China. He has made great efforts to support his eight children.

His eldest son is an 18 years old son. Although he loves his son, he loves his daughter even more because they are proud and happy. that girls are sex dolls.
In 2004, his wife left him. After his divorce, he was only a boy that live in lonely life.

Eventually, after reorganizing his life, he began to love again. However, he was only disappointed. In his heart, all the women he meets are totally unreliable. He vowed that he would not find love again. Rather than risking dating again, He turn to buy sex dolls instead real love.

Unlike the other lonely men who buy sex toys, he does not use sex dolls for sex purposes. Instead, he treats those dolls like his daughters. Buying his first doll cart in 2014 is a good time for him to leave home and go to school that offers accommodation. Li Chen named the porn cartoon, which means “Snow White”. He started bathing, dressing, exercising, and cosmetics every day.

Shortly thereafter, Snow White flew a passenger seat when he drove by car. His interest with the Chilean bride soon expanded, and he bought four more dolls. He received two cartoons as gifts from family friends. His daughter will double this year, when a friend traveling from the country to do business will hand over seven more dolls to him. China.

Each doll is worth about $ 1,500. Li bought fake clothes, shoes, and other accessories for the dolls. In total, he spent over $ 15,000 to decorate the toys. He even recorded music videos featuring his “daughter”. Last month, he received a sex doll for his birthday gift. He urged his son to “use her accordingly when he needed it.

” However, there is no plan to use sex dolls. Instead, he regards the sex doll as his sister. However, the habit of sitting in the backseat with the sex dolls also helps to dress them up. Based on their experiences with sex dolls, Li and Yang are currently running their own businesses, giving them some other costumes for other sex dolls.

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