A man has a very long P.e.n.i.s over his knees | News

A man has a very long P.e.n.i.s over his knees

A Mexican man believed to have the world’s longest p.e.n.i.s had officially declared his disability a record. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera and he’s 54 years old.

From northern Saltillo, has an 18.9-inch penis. He has refused to tell the government reduce his penis size.
He said, “I can not wear clothes like other people in the company and can not knelt.

I can not run so fast, so the company thinks bad about me. They say they will call me, but they never do it. “Cabera has been employed in the adult entertainment industry by men behind the filming of YouPorn and FakeTaxi.

He asked Cabera come to their studio in Prague to shoot medical scenes, although he said it could have been more sexual fantasies. “The doctor who examined Cabera says he suffered from penile ejaculation, the penis that stretches only 6 to 8 inches.

As a result, the Guinness Book of World Records has denied his success, and now the man with the longest penis, Jonah Falcon has an American 9.5-inch penis, and when it’s stretched to 13.5 inches.




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